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"Section Descriptions" This section.
"GuestBook" Guest is a place to inform our classmates and reunion committee of your current information which is very important so we can keep you informed of class going on such as the tearing down of the majority of our school and the new one, class reunions, updates on our website, allowing classmates to know about you and what you have been doing, contacting you, etc.
"MemoryBook" This is a list of the entries in the "GuessBook" in alphabetical order. I will try and keep it updated until I can automate it.
"In Memory Of" In Memory of Our Classmates Who Have Passed On.
"LHS 1965 Lost Classmates" These are our classmates that the reunion committee have now been able to locate.
"Then to Now" One of the sections that has always been enjoyed by all, showing from 1 to several pictures of all our classmates. Some from 1st grade up through present. (Of course it depends on pictures I can get a hold of).
"Group, Individual, Reunion" A Group of Slide Shows: The very top right shows LHS old through the new school. The 2nd row on the left is our class reunion group pictures. The 3rd row on the left is our 36th class reunion. The 2nd row on the right is our 40th class reunion. The 3rd row on the right is our 45th class reunion. The center pictures are random from the "Then to Now" pictures.
"LHS Class Selector" This is a collection of a variety of classes, class pictures and/or class website links.
"Our Teachers" Teachers that our classmates of had over the years from several schools that have helped mold us into what we have become.
"Largo" A Variety of Information and Pictures of Largo over the years. If you have some that you would like to have here, Please e-mail them to me and I will consider them. (I'm sure most will be put on the website here).
"LHS Alma Mater" This is our school Alma Mater.
"LHS 65 Group Photos" This is a collection of our Reunion Group Pictures and Class Pictures from several Elementary Schools.
"LHS65 Reunion Photos" Collection of Reunion Pictures by Reunion.
"Attending 50th Reunion" These are the people that are definitly planning on attending our classes 50th reunion.
"64/65 55th Reunion" Pictures from Our joint 64/65 55th class reunion.
"Attended 55th Reunion" List of classmates from 64/65 55th joint class reunion.
"LHS 1965 Served" This is a collection of Our classmates that have served our country as Doctors, Fireman, Military, Nurses, Policeman and Teachers. They have Defened, Helped Heal, Protected us or Helped mold this country.
"Class Accomplishments" These are Classmates that have made a special accomplishment. Please let me know if you have a special accomplishment and I will consider adding it to our class website here.
"LHS Blogs" This is a section for Blogs.
"Other Stuff" This is a little bit off everything from "Pictures of Our Class", "Cute", "Do You Remember", "Handi Ideas", "Quotes", "Sayings", "So True" and "Things You Don't want to Remember", LHS Class Hobbies". You will never know what I might add here, unless you keep a check on this section.
"Business Links" These are business Links that Individuals or Companies have wanted their Business Link here to help support our LHS Class Website. I will consider all that apply. (No Junk! Please)
"Reunion Committee" This is a List of Our Reunion Committee members with contact information and ones that have volunteered to serve on committees.
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