LHS 1965 Last Will & Testament
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I Mark Little Leave my great swimming ability to Pat Marzulli.
I Mike Dallman Will to my understudy brother, Pat Dallman, all of my academic and athletic skill so that he may have the same physical prowess that I do.
I Larry Lavoie Will to Mrs Rogers one pair of Mickey Mouse ears.
I Kim Lewis Leave to Roger Dunn my dirty locker and all other evil things.
I Mike Langing Hereby bequeath my notebook and art wor, and mind to Beth Hines.
I Ralph Reed Hereby will my confused state of mind and toothpicks to Pat Merk.
I Bill Dopman Leave to Buddy Rice a safty cone and ice-cream dipper.
I Robert Draga Being of sound mind and body, and exuberent spirits, I Robert Draga do hereby will Don Rompon my outstanding Florida dredge service for all eternity.
I Donald Empsall Hereby will one discombolbulated V.W. fender to Ronald L Sexton.
I Paul Preamyothin Hereby dedicate my popularity to Don Seibert, and my friendliness to Betty Kitten.
I Bill Smolik Being of sound mind do hereby leave!
I David Gilliam Being of unstable mind and body, do hereby leave all my good looks and co-oreination to Mr Conover, and all my hair to Mr Shackton.
I Robert Burnidge Leave my James Bond intellect to any Largo student seeking copies of tests before they take them.
I Wayne Rickler Leave my unnatural ability to do thingswrong to Linda Rose.
I Louie Maher Leave to Jerome Jerele my famous sober shot. Hiccup
I Mike Belanger Leave to Gary Henrion all my consideration, abilities as a student, and sober ways--he needs them!
I Larry D'Urso Hereby will all my English homework for the past year to Mrs Ewart, who so willingly gave it to me.
I J Cabell Leave the student body with an intact Largo High School.
I Randy Davis Hereby will my dirty P.E. clothes to Gary Henrion and a do-it-yourself course in co-ordination to Craby Craig (Steve)
Edward Knodson I hereby do give and bequeath to Mrs Brundage my subscription to the Daily Worker, and to Mrs Ewart my lastest edition of the Complete Poems of Edward Knodson.
I Aaron O'Neal Do hereby bequeath all my many talents of swimming to Pat and John Marzulli and my excellent scholastic abilities to Pete Jubb so he can use his swimming ability.
I Jerry Lopeman Hereby leave to Juli A Bowen, my seat in the senior section for all assemblity.
I Bob Meadows Leave to Ron Linton my old cup.
I Roger Nelson Hereby leave the name "Ringo" to some underserving soul.
I Bryant Heliker Leave to Cathy Crawford nothing, because she's taken all I have already.
I Ronald Blanchette Being of sound mind and body, do hereby will my '58 Dodge to Harry Melvin Hurst, for his dates.
I Kathy McNamara Will to the new cheerleaders the two greatest years of their life and to Donna Sharp the greatest and most gratifying job as captain.
I Judy Roberts Leave to Nan Hayward an invitation to next year's Prom.
I Dorothy Lott Am not willing anything: I want to take everything with me.
I Diane Petersen Hereby leave to DeeDee Draga our Bookkeeping class.
I Barbara Adams Will my beautifulsinging talent to Linda Russell.
I Joe Branch Leave to Mousy Marsh my ability to do sit-ups without getting excited.
I Richard Rusher Leave my seat in drafting to Ed Horvath.
I John Langford Will my courageous and valiant attempts in Physics and Algebra 3 to some promising junior who will do his best next year in these areas.
I Tam Jones Leave to my one and only sister all my fun time in senior year to here for her senior year. Being of sound mind and character, I leave all my wit and humor to Mr Deal and Mr Thorpe, who have put up with me in homeroom; congratulating them both for their courage and stamina.
I Christine Conrow Leave to Mr Thorpe my biggest drafting pencil.
I Don Jones Leave a big hope for next years football team, and also an insperation to coach Kriever. We all knew the games we lost were not his fault or the other coaches fault.
I Dave Frost Will my unused Literature book from Crosthwaits English class to Robert Cas.
I Sandy Chatteain Leave my little turguise mouse with one ear off to my good buddy Suzi Johnson.
I Erich Borgers Leave all my inabiliable arguments to Mrs Brundage
I Rick Hunsinger Leave to Shirley Hicks my "Red and White checked shirt for her to sue on her picnic table at anytime she wishes.
I Sue Tronco Will my friendship with Nancy Drake to Jan Crowbar.
I Gail Jinks Leave to my dear sister Claire, all of the fun she can have in her senior year in Mr Lightsey's senior social studies class.
I Sara Logan Being of sound mind leave a map to Pinellas Park to Fran Logan, also leave the keys to my car.
I Gladys Staub Will all my typing eraser crumbs to Mrs Asut.
I Sharon Fleming Leave all my skills in finding a job and I also leave the my brother who will be a sophomore next year.
I Laura Clark Will my personal Philosophy to Mrs Brundage.
I Norma Sowell Being of sound mind leave my FBLA treasures' book with attached problems to Fran Hensley, Judy Terlaak, Bonnie McCall and Fran Logan to do with what they see fit.
I Louise Hall Being of sound mind and body leave all my wedding plans and left over wedding cake and puch to Mrs Taylor.
I Bonnie Waterson Will all my used shorthand pads for the last two years to Mrs Hummer, who can do with as she sees fit.
I Kathy Hoad Will all my skiing ability to Vickie Niles.
I Barb Rogers Hereby will to the madrigals of next year, the ability to have perfect pitch.
I Anne Brubaker Do hereby will my piano playing ability to Dave Wasson so he can accompany himself when I'm gone.
I Marianne Verdery Being of sound mind leave Mr Lightsey my crying towel. Also a copy of the Bobbsey twins.
I Peg McNally Hereby leave my "Homeroom Award" for causing trouble to Connie Michaelis and a gold tipped pen to Bill Daken and the gratying job as a senior class officer to next years Senior officers.
I Russ Wicker Being of sound mind do bequeath to George Steffens my experience and unique ability to make complete havoc out of all student council meetings.
I Ronnie Hines Hereby leave all my agriculture abilities to Mr W Moore.
I Lynn Mathias Hereby bequeath my reseach paper to Debbie Marsh, so she will graduate schedule.
I Laurite Cannday Leave to Mr Shambaugh my best wishes for an enjoyable 2nd and 5th period next year.
I Myre Cricket Lassor Hereby leave my Bunny outfit left over from the talent show to Terry Russell and my ability to sell candy kisses at the Dookstore to Georgia Parhalo.
I Diane Phipps Bequeath the ability to go steady with Louis Lott through nearly three years of high school to my sister, Pat and wish her and Louis Mass the best of Luck.
I Jan Morley Do hereby will my genius for flunkingtrig tests my infallible will and my ineptitude for making lasting impressions (especially on teachers) to Linda Rose.
I Sylvia Rompon Leave to Judy Strod a bottle of Bicardi Rum.
I Helen Bennett Will to Peggy will all the fun I've had at the beach parties and the strengh to push Pontiacs out of the sand.
I Ann Reego Leave to some lucky couple, all the happiness Louie and I have shared during this year in hopes that they are half as happy as we are.
I Kathy Gulliver Will all my happy Yankee Baston memories to Mr Dobbins, a true Rebel.
I Betty Birdsong Leave my great algebra ability to Vicki Niles and Bill Dakon and Sharon Crawford.
I Linda Johnson Being of sound mind do hereby will my great sense of humor to Pat Sandberg and my talent to Judy Davis.
I Toni Palmer Leave to Mr Johnston my ability to hit all the high notes low and to Sharon Robertson all of the happiness and good luck with Larry that she deserves.
I Linda Willard Will to Bruce Hicks my ability for making typeing errors and to Sharon Robertson my inability to drive a car.
I Rene Grothe Hereby will a slightly used madrigal gown and one shoe along with all the fun to the 65-66 madrigals.
I Suzanne Glidden Hereby leave all my happy memories of LHS and all the sunshine. I added to it, to Mrs Evelyn Asut who received full benefits of my talents.
I Barbara Dickerson Hereby leave to Jackie Tapp my good times at Frisch's and to Donna Tucher my driving ability.
I  Shirley McCall Will the joy and satisfaction that I received from cheering for LHS to the 65-66 cheering squad.
I Kathy Dietz Hereby leave to Marie Gray my singing abilty.
I Georgia Dowell Hereby will to Connie Michaelis all the tears, toil and laughter that go into the making of a Keystone.
I Vivian Bagwell Hereby leave to Donna Baillie my marvelous Bookkeeping skills.
I Judy Baillie Hereby will to Donna Baillie all the fun and excitment to be found at Largo. Also, I leave her all the ants in Mrs Hummers bookkeeping class.
I Pat Fredricksen Wish the French 3 students of next year "Bonne Chance and Miss Holleman "Bonne Chance Avec le facteur.
I Marcia France Hereby leave Lamar Hood my ability to get along with Mr Shambaugh.
I Toni Backenstoe Hereby leave Ann McGee the Tennis Team.
I Birdie Berghris Hereby leave Peggy Hill my place at the lunch table, my AVC terms, my locker and my crazy alf 2 books.
I Karen Olivit Will Dave Ryerson my desk and all the fun I had in study hall.
I Marie Headly Hereby will all my marching blisters and ability to make up songs on the band bus to Cathy Crawford.
I Wilber Huners Will to Beth Hines my recipe for hot banana-strawberry jello.
I John Spinks Will to Gary Spinks a lot of luck in sports and a ll the sweat that goes along with it and I leave him all my fun in class and lunches.
I Dennis Ingram Will my diplona to Mr Wheeler for the third year in a row.
I Richard Curtis Will to Steve Weatherwax my ability to take my senior lunch privileges during 1st and 3rd lunch every day.
I Donald Brown Will my ability to sing to David Wasson.
I Danny Williams Will to Mrs Brundage a "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING."
I Todd Tanberg Will to Mrs Rodgers my most treasured possessions; 1 pair of Mickey Mouse ears, 1 Mickey Mouse guitar that plays Mickey's club song and 1 Mickey Mouse Club membership card.
I Don Akin Leave to the Junior Class, all the fun and memories of the Bonfire we didn't have.
I Kevin Patt Would like to donate a box of soap suds for the fountain which the senior class is leaving to Largo High School. (I prefer "Dash" so that the fountain will spurt like it is 10 feet tall)
I Allen Rose Hereby will my seat in the corner in English class to Sam Pothier.
I Tom Smyth Leave my musical talents to Rick Branch.
I Rudy Buono Leave to Sally Fox, Bob Wells' talents.
I Richard Hanna Leave to Sue Bens, my vast intellectual knowledge.
I Dave Canfield Leave to Donna Sharp two horns and a black ribbon.
I Perry Colo Will Jerry Srody my notebook and gym shorts.
I Alan Bateman To Alfred Boreman, Leave my vast knowledge of Spanish for his use next year.
I Steven Krieg Do hereby leave to Gary Henrion, one book on Oral Hygiene, as a token of our esteemed intellectual conversations throughtout the year.
I John PcPhail Leave my superpowers to Dave Wasson.
I Duane Martin To Gloria Feele, leave my favorite Senior parking place among the rest of the junior cars.
I Carl Mattson Hereby bequeath to the appropriate party, the Royal Order of the Seven Vectors, to be conferred upon any and all first year casualties amoung teachers of P.S.S.C. Physics. 1965 recipient--W. Steeves, 1966 recipient--L.B. Sanders.
I Arthur Solori Hereby humbly and most generously leave my notebook and beatle wig to Elaine Harter, who deserves it for putting up with me and my teasing.
I Dave Andujar Leave my ability of leadership and authority to Mr Shambaugh.
I John Cockin Bequeath the remants of my burnt Spanish II book to my beloved teacher, Mrs Munson and my hurt feelings to Donna Cute.
I James Jouldersma Do leave to Jerry Grady, my pencils so that he can draw as many pictures as he wants.
I Dennis Schraeder Leave "How to tell the truth" to Tom Myers.
I Robert Cannon Leaveto Coach Haley the hope of some sprinters next year, to Marty Lenzian, a set of handcuffs and to Arnie Hougland, a bottle of Alka-Seltzers.
I Bud Bowley Hereby leave my seat in Mr Shackton's class to Delight Merigold and my kool haircut to Mike Marsh.
I Bob Ackerman Leave my hair and ability to grow a beard to any bald junior.
I Tom Ringwood Leave to my underclassmen my sympathies.
I Henry Jerome Gertcher Being of sound mind (Kind of) and body, hereby leave the item, --my great pole vaulting ability to Dave Wasson, also my great voice.
I Eileen Ulrick Leave James Alred a junior at Largo the facts about love life.
I Marsha Gould Do hereby jive to Karen O'Brady my superior riding abilities.
I Mary Howdeshell Being of sound mind leave my title of fella to Marty Clark with hopes that she will uphold the name well.
I Jackie Snyder Hereby leave my lovsey SSS notes from Mrs Brundage's 7th period to Richard Hunt.
I Cheryl Buckingham Leave to Norman Russell all my freckles and my Edna St Vincent Millay poems.
I Sharon Snow Will my ability to get along with Mrs Brundage, to my sister, Brebda.
I Donna Thyatt Being of unsound mind, would hereby give and bequrth my past tests and notes from Senior Social Studies to Jane Heaston and Mike Hurry and for future reference, Nancy Noe and Bill Langdon for I know they will all need them, but I have deposited them in File 13, so they shall all need to study now on their own.
I Dorothy Bredenbeck Leave to the Junior class five minute lunch break it won't help.
I Judy Packer Do hereby leave to my sister Jill the best of luck next year in her struggle to get through school.
I Susan Disney Do hereby leave my superior mathematical intelligence to any sophomore or junior who has Mr Steger for Alg. III and trig next year.
I Linda Capenter Leave my unused locker to any junior or sophmore who has to much junk to go in theirs.
I Nicki Haeger Do hereby leave all my troubles and responsibbilities of the Packerettes to Betty Kitten.
I Leslie Tonkel Being in sound mind leave to Karen Carlson my remarkable dramatic ability.
I Carol Powell Give to Kaye Mendenhall my remarkable musical talent and my seat as first oboeist.
I Carol Perkins Do hereby leave all my mathematical knowledge of Mrs Heymam's Alg. II class to Crista Headlund.
I Nancy Wynn Leave to Sharon Gipson my F.H.A. Gavel and ability to be "So organized."
I Rose Marie Wieckowski Give to Linda and Cathy Lofland my seat on Bus No. 72.
I Margaret Magahos Leave my great skiming ability to all those good girls who have attemted to skim.
I Jeanette Bosley Leave the school for sophomores and juniors.
I Linda Sullivan Will my old ad pages to next years ad managers.
I Beth Edwards Will to Nancy Noe peace at home for the next four years.
I Billie Jean Verdery Leave to Richard Terrell all the lucky punches to our buddy.
I Dorothy Wittenbery Hereby bequeath all my knowledge of the respiratory system of a grasshopper to Dave Harbaugh with best wishes for the studies ahead of him.
I Ruth Wagner Do hereby leave my biology book to Mike Mardis, so that he can get all the things in it that I did not learn.
I Robin Dudley Leave to Gay Bacon my ability to get out of study hall without having a pass with the promise of bringing one next time.
I Linda Hawkes Will my ability to sleep through anatomy and still make as A.
I Pamela Marsh Leave to Julie Mauney the cool-aid and cracker picnics held at LHS.
I Jean Vollrath Hereby leave Peggy Hill my great ability to think, get my home work done, but above all my notebook.
I Pat Byrnes Gladly give the rest of my detention to Norma Reese.
I Cecilla Emrich Being of sound mind and body do will the Ushereties to Susan Dixon and my Algebra Ability to Donna Stephens.
I John Roll Will my nose to the junior class to be divided equally and the reainder to be distributed to the sophomores and the faculty.
I Greg Cerepak Will anything that isn't nailed down to Bob Rusher.
I Minor Noe Will this school absolutely nothing buy sympathy.
I Len Koutney Will to the 1965 football players guts enough to "Pay the Price" which must be paid to have a successful season.
I Dave Hughes Will to Tom Modine my ability to jump off third story buildings.
I Ron Touchton Will to Johnny Lair a pair of scissors I don't need a haircut!
I Robert Preston Will to Rose Jones my fireman's boots.
I Terry Rodenberg Will to next years football squard all my past injuries.
I Wayne Hand Will to Carol Dalmosso my parking place of which I have parked all year.
I Martin DeGeorge Will to Jeff Johnson my great knowledge of mechanics and to next year's Biology assistant my loafing privileges.
I Jim Dutcher Will to John Dutcher all of my racing talent (Just as good as Parnelle Jones).
I John Decker Will to Russ Temple my matches.
I Richard Clayton Will to Bruce Beaulieu his sister.
I Les Hatcher Will to the junior class my one year of being assistant librarian.
I Sal Zinni Will to Buddy Weber my 25 page book on "How to Pass Your Classes Without Doing Any Homework", color pictures included.
I Dominick Buono Will all my terrific musical Saxaphone talent to Steve Palmer because he will need it.
I Walter Fuller Will to Mrs Brundage a personel copy of Das Kapital.
I Greg Risely Will to my brother, Bryan, my excellent journalistic ability.
I Joel Pulver Will my broken drum sticks, battered drum heards and tarnished symbals to any one who wants to be great.
I Doc Hammond Will to Gary Henrion all the traditions of the hard court.
I Maurice Flemmings Will to the junior class all the senior privileges.
I Buster Newton Will to Stanley Newton my share of the fig newtons.
I Ed Hausdorf Will to Gary Hausdorf my skipping ability.
I Randy Schroeder Will all my art talent to Sharon Inman including a colored illustrated book on "How to Have Talent and still FLUNK".
I Danny Black Will my ability to sleep in all classes to Dennis Cason.
I Marco Bozzo Will to Mike Schrader Pat Jone's left hand.
I Robert Schick Will to Keith King the sixth lane of track.
I Steve Voss Will to Tom Modine all the fun I've had in high school.
I George McCoullough Will to Nancy Wright my great Magnanimity.
I Peter Kneller Will to John Mixon my camera and (Ha Ha) best wishes.
I James Horner Will to Tom Mason my managerial abilities.
I Alan Troutman Will to Mike March my long hair and my guitar even though He'll never learn to play it.
I Doni Hayden Will my offical McNally grip on the edge of the world to Shirley Hicks.
I Roger Jones Will Gary Bowber a pair of scissors to cut his hair.
I Patrick Martin Will my free period, my admits and hall passes to Judy Claus.
I John Young Will my stack of admits to Stanley Newton.
I Wes Jones Will to Wayne Kirkland my old baseball bat, in hopes that he can put it to more use than I did.
I John Murrell Will my grade point average and all my A's to Joe Campbell.
I Michael Moyer Will to Nancy SAhaber my ability as a persisting procastinator.
I Tom Calvin Will to Tom Spencer my smile and "whole" and perfect teeth.
I Robert Michaellis Will my troubles and headaches in Mrs. Taylor's class to my sister Connie, who I hope enjoys them.
I Richard Raver Will to Mr. JUohnston my guitar.
I Stan Allen Will to Ruth Airey my steering wheel.
I Bill Gussinger Will to Alfred Boremen my front row parking spot in the senior section.
I Terry Thomas Will Tom Modine wishes for the prosperous days at Largo.
I Andy Hajash Will all my senior privileges? to next years seniors.
I Ken Rickey Will my chair in Math 5 to any Jr. who can make it, also a tablet of no-doz.
I Breck Swords Will to Pat Hart a boy.
I Mike Miksa Will to Berry Mears my physical ability and mascular build.
I Rick Harris Will my harmonious voice to Joan Ropulewis, incase she needs it--badly.
I Stephen Wals Leave to John Ahr my ability to study and my bug infested locker.
I Patrick Grant Will to the next principal of this school my slightly used crying towel.
I Randy McKean Will to Harry Jacobs a pair of swim fins to use with his big shiney snorkel and also a snake bite kit for next years grid season.
I Richard Mann Will my great watermelon pile to Harry Jacob.
I Richard Knight Will to Rick Treise my beautiful breast stroke.
I Gaylord Tate Leave to Mr. Sweeney all the test forms I had before the test were given.
I Larry Wood Will to Dempsey Hatcher my spot in the senior row and ten free lessons on how to pull into it.
I James Young Will all my old pencils with erasers on them to Jane Lesson and may she never run out.
I Bill McLaughlin Will to Mrs. Poole my good name and marvelous acting ability.
I Wayne Brett Will my worn out Spanish notebook to Karen Sharrock.
I Bob Johnson Will to all the suffers of chemistry class my chemistry book.
I Dale Jordan Will to Kathy Leftler a glass of tomato juice.
I Les Jinkens Will to Rick Sable and Bob Chamberlain all my Playboy magasines and co-ordination.
I Nancy Maxey Being of sound mind, leave Pat and John Marzulli without a ride to school and I  leave to the class of'66 every hope that they graduate in '66.
I Rita Abrams Leave my chair in Mr. Rice office to Dorothy Tendol, and a pack of juice fruit gum to Mrs. Aust.
I Karen Cantine Do bequeath my bookkeeping and shorthand know how to the business department in care of Mrs. Hummer.
I Ida Chiodo Bequeaths her chair in choir, to anyone with strong vocal cords, who enjoys singing.
I Alice Werner Leave to Hary Haire myathletic aboility. I'm sure by the time he is a senior, He'll need it.
I Grace Caldwell Leave cut-up loafers to Miss Holleman.
I Gail Love Leave Debbie Miller my ability to do the jerk.
I Cecilia Schuck Will my deck of cards to Pat Marzulli and George Steffens to be used in study hall next year.
I Ka-Lani Walker Being of sound body and not so sound mind do hereby bequeath all my virtuous remarks and sayings to my fellow study hall buddies--Jack Carol and Mike Dowell.
I Barb Wray Being of sound mind leave to Mairon Newberry my old chewed pencil that wrote all the flunked tests in Mr. Wheeler's English class.
I Janey Fowler Leave to Jerry, Don't believe anything you hear and half of what you see.
I Lorraine Branceforte Leave my tease comb and 3" x 5" mirror to Tom Hackney so he can continue to bomb his hair in study hall after I'm gone.
I Lynde Miller Leave my white backless dress to Pat Asmer if she has the nerve to wear it.
I Tina Wetherington Leave to Diane Peters a successfulyear with the medical club and to David Hall good luck in senior year.
I Nancie Funk Leave my studious manner to Steve Good.
IJean Musgrave Will to Barb Jones, Mr. Anderson's constant teasings with the hope she won't end up in Chattahooche.
I Linda Lee Will to Diane Rummy my slightly used and neat notebook.
I Leslie Musarra LOeave to my sister Lela a glorious year next year on Mrs. Goss's bus.
I Louise France Leave all my great skate boarding ability to Ronnie Saxton.
I Pat Jones Leave my typing paper and eraser to Ronnie Cline, who vener seems to have any of his own.
I Donna Bailey Leave to Sharon Robertson my superior co-ordination.
I Cheryl Fisher In my last days at Largo High School, do hereeby leave Mrs. Doris Brundage an air conditioner so that her room will be cool and comfortable.
I Nancy Snead Bequeath in my last will and testament to Carl (Buddy) Rice, all of my wonderful art ability and my seat in Sand Box 4.
I Diane Britton Will to Jeanie Signor my textbooks in senior social studies.
I Candy Edwards In my last days at Largo High do here by will to John Ensch a new set of drums to relieve his nervous tension.
I Kenneth Tucker Will my guitar playing , my piano playing, my organ playing, my ukelele playing and my harmonica playing to my fellow music lovers.
I Ray Dozier Leave to Karen DeBlasio my 4 years of fun and raisen it at L.H.S.
I Shelden Phillis Leave my T square to Mike Short.
I Frank (Skip) Ferris Leave to Mike Marsh, my ability to climb and paint water towers.
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