Here is a List of Our Classmates that are "Lost" and Our Reunion Committee "NEEDS" Your Help in finding their Contact Information: E-mail address(es), Home Address, Home & Cell Phone Numbers. It will help the committee to Keep cost and time to locate them, down!
This is a starter list. I'll be adding more as soon as I know we haven't been able to find them.
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As of 03/14/2015
First Name Middle Name Last Name Married Name
Alan D Troutman  
Arnold   Bray  
Barbara Jean Adams Young
Barbara Jean Dickerson Bell or Fuller
Barbara Ann Schmitt  
Bruce Nathan Regan  
Carole Diane Williams
Christina Kathrine Berger Mercier
Christine   Conrow  
Dave   Shaffer  
Diane Ruth Britton  
Diane   Petersen Crawford
Dick (Richard) Curtis Hanna  
Don M Braun
Don Irving Lavoie  
Donna Lee Bailey Smith
Donna   Wyatt  
Dorothy Patricia Bredenbeck Rivieria
Dorothy   Reeves  
Doug   Inman, Jr  
Evelyn Elaine Clardy  
Georgia Jean Dowell Guy???
Ginny   Traver  
Gladys Jean Staub  
Gloria   Leighton Finet
Greg Phillip Gillmore  
Helen   Bennett Traver
Jackie Euginia Locklear  
Janis (Jan) Lee Morley  
Janey Louise Fowler Morgan
Janice Ellen Harper  
Jean Lynn Read  
Jeannette Elizabeth Bosley McClelland
Jill   Funari Doty
Jim Edward Young  
Johnny Lynn Young  
Jon Lavine
Joyce   Haviland  
Judy Lorene Baillie Jones
Judy Catherine Dunn  
Ka-Lani   Walker Hirsch
Karen   Cantine  
Kathy   Gulliver Arnold
Kathy   Lane  
Kathy Marie Dietz Knickerbocker
Kay   Arfaras  
Larry   Kray  
Laura Elizabeth Clark  
Les John Snyder  
Linda   Atwood  
Linda   Duncan Auker, Rothwell
Linda   Ford  
Linda   Hawkes Morgan
Linda   Willard  
Louise (Johnnie)   Hall  
Margaret Anne Magagnos Larson
Marge Lorena Reubens  
Marsha Irene Gould Lambert
Martin   DeGeorge  
Mary Jane Armbruster Cataldo
Mary   Mitchell Lakey?
Mary   Phipps Lott
Mike   Hughes  
Mike   Jury  
Mike Eugene Mills  
Mike Preston Stark  
Nancy   Jones Smith
Nick (Dominick Joseph Buono  
Pam   Ashman Crawford
Pat Louise Causey Spouse
Pat   Martin  
Relia Delores Abrams Burke
Robin Dianne Dudley  
Roger Alan Jones  
Ron Brian Thompson  
Rose Marie Wieckowski King
Rudy Nickolas Buono  
Ruth Helen Wagner Richardson
Sam Russell
Sandra   Snedeker  
Sandy   Barnhouse  
Stan   Allen  
Stephen   Waltz  
Steve Leroy Schaefer  
Steve   Turner  
Steven Reynolds Krieg  
Sue   Johnson  
Susan   Ensch Fernandez
Terry   Mahr  
Toni   Palmer  
Wanda Smith White

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